Coutinho: If not for family, I wouldn’t have moved to Barcelona

Beginner Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho spoke about how he had made the decision to move to the Catalan club.

“If not for family, I wouldn’t have moved to Barcelona, most likely. When the presentation took place, I saw that they are incredibly happy. When I went to camp Nou and they gave me a t-shirt “blue garnet“, I saw that my family loved. It was important to me.

Football has given me everything I have in this life and with this game I can live in a secure country and help their family. I have lived in Barcelona when he played for Espanyol. It is a wonderful city.

I am incredibly happy to play in a team with Luis Suarez, he’s my friend. I do not know very well Spanish, but I understand it because of Luis“ – quoted Coutinho

Earlier it was reported that new Barcelona player Philippe Coutinho has named its football idol.

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