Apple’s health data used in murder trial


Health data available crucial evidence has accused of financing at a court hearing in Germany, where a refugee, rape, and murder.

Apple’s Health App accurately records steps and already pre-installed on the iPhone 6S and newer models.

Data that was suspect was able to climb stairs correlate to his victim to drag along to the bottom of the river and climb back up, police said.

The defendant – Hussein-K – has admitted his guilt, but denied some of the details.

The 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger, was murdered in October 2016 and the trial at the local court in Freiburg started in September.

Ms Burger shop was raped and drowned in the river Dresiam.

The suspect, identified by a hair found at the scene of the crime refused, the police with the PIN code on his phone so that the investigating officials at an unnamed cyber-forensics company in Munich, which broke out in the unit.

The health-data app will be made on iPhones records of activities – including how many steps, nutrition and sleep patterns, as well as various body measurements, such as heart rate.

As well as locating Hussein’s movements, the phone also suggested that periods of strenuous activity, including two tips, the app, the stairs at him “”.

An investigator, of the building similar to the suspected to the place where the body was found and re-created, as the police believe he disposed of the body.

The policeman showed the movement on the same app him “climbing stairs”.

“For the first time, we correlated the health and geo-data,” police chief Peter Egetemaier told the court, according to German paper the world.

The study makes it difficult is trying to pin down Hussein’s real age.

He claims, first, that he was 17, but his father, traced to Iran, is controversial.

The age will play a role in sentencing. The maximum for someone under the age of 18 years, 10 years, while the adult could be the punishment for such a crime up to 30 years.