Anti-terrorist, and telephone number: In the river set of boxes of the new sample

In 2017, the river began to set the boxes of the original format, and has already installed 500 Grand Ave Yavornytsky. About it reports “Informant” with reference to the Deputy mayor of the city Mikhail Lysenko.

The new bins are separate compartments for rubbish and for cigarette butts, such a format allows to avoid fire. The tank is opened by a special key. To release the container from the trash, you need to turn the key and open the bottom of the tank (this design facilitates picking up garbage bags).

Moreover, the tanks meet European standards and designed for a special anti-terrorist technology. In case of contact with explosive objects urn do not scatter in different directions, because it is made of galvanized metal and painted in the spray booth.

Now there are three possible design of gluing tanks. During the week choose one for the whole city. Boxes will be fastened to the special pipe-racks, and in some places — to the supports. Also on the ballot box will indicate the phone number where you can call in the event that if the tank is filled.

Now the city has installed more than 500 ballot boxes in 2018 plan to install 3 000. Old tanks are replaced with tanks of the new sample. In 2019, the installation will continue until you cover the entire city. Citizens are encouraged to compress the overall waste to fit in the tank.