‘This job would be much easier to keep if we are rearresting the same offender’

In two posts on his Facebook page, the European union States that a frightening number of its members have been confronted with violence.

“1 in 3 members tell us that they were attacked, the published in the last year of the union”. “Would you be in favour of stricter penalties for those who attack our police?”

In another post, the union quoted an officer who says, what makes his work so difficult.

Not to lie”, this task would be much easier to keep if we are rearresting the same offender,” the police officer is quoted as saying.

It comes after an officer was injured while trying to 150 deal with “loud and abusive” youths in the vicinity of a music festival in Torquay last week.

After he was ejected, young people riot in delivery, allegedly in a nearby pub, and one of them attacked a policeman, leaving him with cuts to his face.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in relation to the incident and you will be charged on summons with a police officer, drunk in a public place, and other related offenses.

The union was in the forefront of the angry backlash against a decision to grant bail to another alleged cop-basher — who is reported to have joined a young officer in the head.

The policeman was crouched on the ground while trying to arrest a 16-year-old boy for alleged shoplifting in Melbourne, Highpoint shopping centre, Maribyrnong, on Boxing Day afternoon, when the other boys ran and launched the attack. Was held he back of another boy, before you ran both.

“This is what disrespect looks like, for our police, for our laws and for the community,” Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt said the Herald Sun.

“If a person tries, the law and the protection of the community comes home from her day at work, it is a real problem.”

A 17-year-old from Point Cook, was accused of a crime, which belong to an emergency worker on duty, and intentionally and negligently caused injuries.

It was the second time, the Gatt language about cop bashing, and state legal order, in December — to an ice-addicted thug on the left are in need of a female police officer dental surgery.

After the vile attack, Ahmed El-Lababidi, 26, was sentenced to 200 hours community work.

The Glenroy residents face multiple charges, including attacking an emergency worker, with a mandatory six months in jail.

But the charges were dropped after it was argued that there were exceptional circumstances in his case due to mental illness, according to the Herald Sun reported.

Wayne Gatt has spoken about cop-bashing of the past few months. Picture: Nicole Garmston/ News Corp Australia.

The paper reported that the officer, the teeth pierced her lip, a tooth had to be extracted, and she needed reconstructive dentistry. She said the paper used for the attack cost them more than $15,000 and left her suffering nightmares.

Gatt told 3AW the police Association and its members were shocked, the light of the conviction, awarded by the courts.

“We just didn’t get it,” he told the station. “What has to happen before we start to see some fair dinkum rates come from yard???

“We see it over and over again … We see mental illness used as an excuse.

“If we allow them to do this is to us, we are effectively a green light to crime in Victoria.”

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