The Kremlin praised the quality of political and Telegram channels

Russian President Vladimir Putin receives only worthy of attention information from the Telegram channels for the head of state on the Internet is preparing a separate digest, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. His words leads TASS on Thursday, January 11.

“You will agree that most posts of political or econopolitics Telegram-channels represent the flow of information is very low quality, if not the worst,” — said the press Secretary of the Russian leader.

In mid-December 2017 Peskov said that the Kremlin debate about data from the Telegram, in particular, about the progressive or “regressive development” in terms of media. Sands believes that the messenger is “loss of quality but increasing speed.”

That the Kremlin is monitoring information the main social and political channels in the Telegram, the press Secretary of the President reported on 25 September last year. Then he clarified that between them and the traditional mass media and the equal sign.

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