Kadyrov responded to the call of the state Department to avoid travel to Chechnya

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has commented on the decision of the US state Department to include Russia in the list of countries that are not recommended to visit for American citizens. The attitude he expressed in his Telegram channel on Thursday, January 11.

“Where there are Americans, no, not ordinary US citizens, not business partners, and those who bear the “democratic mission”, starts wars, conflicts and death. Provoking military conflict in the middle East, sowing enmity and hatred in different countries, the United States had become the most dangerous state. Their fault killed civilians in the East, and Europe is overwhelmed by refugees and fugitive terrorists,” Kadyrov wrote.

The head of the Republic suggested that such political steps the United States authorities are trying to compensate for the weakening of their position on the world stage. “I wish that all of America has become hostage to the shameful games of the state Department”, — he added.

Recommendations for Americans who are going to visit a particular country, the US state Department published on its website on January 10. The document States that in Russia, U.S. citizens are often victims of extortion and abuse by officials and guards. In particular, travelers are recommended to refrain from visiting Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan because of the “ongoing civil unrest and acts of terrorism.”

In late March, the state Department urged Americans to avoid traveling to Turkey.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!