In Sweden, increased the number of opponents of NATO membership, the survey showed

STOCKHOLM, Jan 7 — RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko. The number of opponents of accession of Sweden to NATO grew in 2017 4% compared to the previous year and amounted to 44%, while almost half of Swedes (46%) believe that the Alliance will help the country if necessary. It is reported by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, citing a survey conducted for the publication by the Institute of public opinion Ipsos at the beginning of December 2017.

“The line of the government led by (Stephen. — Approx. ed.), Leuven of non-entry into NATO finds support in a growing skepticism of the Swedish people, and against NATO membership. Resistance to NATO membership grew by four percent, from 40 to 44% compared to the previous year”, — the newspaper writes.

Explains that this year the pollsters first asked the question “If Sweden will face emergency military threat from another state, do you think that NATO would help then Sweden, don’t you think?” Six of ten opponents of the Alliance (57%) answered that they believe in his help. Among sympathize with him such of the Swedes was slightly less — 45%.

“Many seem to think, rather, that we don’t need to join because NATO will come to help us in any way. This is an interesting, new insight to the question of the Alliance”, — said analyst of the Institute Ipsos: David Ahlin, commenting on the study, his words quoted by the newspaper.

The publication drew attention to the fact that supporters of filing of Sweden applied for membership in NATO is not so much (31%) and about 50% believe that the value of a military Alliance on the issue of security in the region Sweden has increased significantly over the past 10 years. The positive attitude towards the Alliance was reported by 41% of respondents and 32% described their attitude as completely neutral — neither positive nor negative.

The majority of respondents (51%) also admitted that they have little confidence in the ability of the Swedish armed forces to defend the country. However, the number of negatively-minded respondents on this issue is still reduced compared to the previous year, when among skeptics was 66%.
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