In Afghanistan reported the death of 15 militants of the IG*

MOSCOW, 8 Jan — RIA Novosti. At least 15 militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”* has been eliminated in the clashes with the Afghan security forces, while another 20 were injured, reports channel TOLO News, citing local authorities.

According to the channel, the shooting occurred in Kunar province in the district of munching one on the East of the country. The militants* attacked security posts on Sunday evening. The fighting also killed three police officers, 13 more were injured.

Reportedly, clashes in munching one still.

The situation in Afghanistan in recent months, has deteriorated markedly. Radical movement “Taliban”*, formerly possessed a large territory in rural areas of the country, launched a major offensive against the city. Also in the country has increased the influence of the terrorist group “Islamic state.”*

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia