“God Kuzi” took charge in creating the sect because of the lapse of time

*** Was only charged with fraud

Moscow. January 11. INTERFAX – Moscow Presnensky court on Thursday stopped the Statute of limitations a criminal case against the sect leader Andrei Popov, known as “God Kuzya”, in part the charges of organizing a religious Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or other infliction of harm to their health.

As the correspondent of “Interfax” from a court hall, judge Elena Abramova has satisfied the corresponding petition of lawyers.

The same decision the judge made in relation to the rest of the accused.

During the meeting the requirement of the defence supported the prosecution. “The criminal case shall be terminated because of the expiration of the Statute of limitations. I don’t mind,” said the Prosecutor.

Thus, all the defendants remained charged only under article about swindle in especially large size.