JLR Classic to restore recently-discovered 1948 Land Rover launch the car

One of the three original launch cars of the 1948 Land Rover has been discovered, and will be awarded this year to the celebration of the brand’s seventieth birthday.

The car has gone during a large part of its history, sitting forgotten in a field in Wales, for two decades, before a new owner bought it to restore, just to find it in the same situation, just a few miles from the place where it was built in Solihull. The previous car owners are invited to the Classic Works of the facility in Solihull to have a look at its restoration.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic, JLR, the division in charge of the restoration of the heritage cars of the sister brands of the story, will be completing the restoration of a driveable standard, and has been responsible for numerous high-profile restorations at the scale of the division’s short history.

The restore is carried out in time for Land Rover’s seventieth birthday, the celebrations that culminate in the revelation of the next Defender towards the end of the year, in time for a 2019 commercial launch. It will be two years since the last defender, which has a production cycle of 67 years, the latter came out of the production line.

The JLR Classic of the team has already carried out some restorations on the shares of Series I Land Rover, with a run of 25 fetch between £60,000 and £ 80,000 when restored as one of the division’s first projects.

It is likely that the restoration of the pump to the value of the car much beyond that, but as a near-priceless example, with one of the three statute of 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor show car, it will not be sold.

JLR Classic, the director, Tim Hannig, said: “This Land Rover is an irreplaceable piece of the world history of the automobile, and is historically important as the “Huey”, the first pre – production Land Rover. The beginning of its sympathetic restoration by Classic Works, where we can ensure that it is back together exactly as it should be, is a good way to start Land Rover 70th anniversary of the year.”

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