As people called children in 2017: a popular and strange names

The main territorial administration of justice in Kiev have published a list of the most popular and exotic names that people give to newborns in 2017.

The most popular names for the daughters were Sophia, Dasha, Eva, Catherine, Anastasia, Alice, Anna, Elizabeth, Pauline, Karina, Veronica, Milan, Kira, Salome.

Among the rare names that parents have named children – Asfia, Iolanta, Kvitka-Natalia, Nurturing, Lisana, Milaniya, Mirabella, Raffaella, Radomer, JWA-Fedorika, Juno, Melody, Shanti, Eleanor, Dominic, Emissions, Lika, Oira, Athena, viola, Elsa, Gloria.

When you select a name for boys parents often chose names Artem, Ivan, Maxim, mark, Dimitri, Michael, Alexander, Timothy, Anthony, Matthew, Elijah, Andrew.

Among the few popular boys ‘ names were as follows: Aristotelis, Vsevolod, Emmanuel, Micah, angel, Cory, Noel, Tryphon, Thaddeus, Lucas, Aref, Robert, Leon, Dorotheus, Aaron, Bremer, Adolf, Antipas, Ernst, Alvaro, Orfes, ocean, Noah-Gab u-Jai.

The names Myron, Boris, male and Vsevolod especially popular in 2017 is not used.

In just the past year in the capital were born about 36 thousand children. In 2016, these figures are almost unchanged (36722 child a year earlier).

In gas turbines of justice reminded that the choice of name the parents should be taken seriously, that children in the future had to change the name in a legal manner.