Sickening gang attack on CCTV

Shocking CCTV footage of the incident in Tarneit shows a group of young Africans turning on another African teenager, stomping on him and throwing punches.

The rogue then push the stoned teenager against a wall, and stealing multiple items from his pockets.

Thugs surrounding a helpless teenager in Tarneit.

The sickening footage, which aired on Nine’s A current Affair, shows one of the young people of mount on the hood of a car and then jumping on the victim, who is lying helpless on the ground.

The youth has been stomped on and smashed.

“It is terrible. There is a victim in our community who has been subjected to what looks like a very serious assault,” Commander Russell Barrett of Victoria Police has told A current Affair.

“If there is a level of organization, I can’t say at this stage, but we will obviously investigate.”