Secret life of a sadistic killer Jemma Lilley

Get caught by the merciless and meticulously planned the murder of Perth teenager Aaron Pajich may have halted its plan to continue the slaughter and enter the halls of infamy.

As she awaits sentence in the relatively comfortable confines of the Melaleuca Preventive and Rehabilitation Facilities, protected in a manner similar to brutal attack of the killer cohort has suffered, the 26-year-old can reflect on a life that seems to have brought him to this moment.

Just 10 km from Lilley, in a secure maximum security wing at Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital, On Lenon is recovering from a boiling water attack by a fellow prisoner.

It was Lilley who organized and carried out the strangulation and stabbing “thrill kill” murder of Aaron Pajich the 13 of June 2016, and his burial under a newly tiled patio in the backyard of the home she shared with Lenon, nicknamed the “Elm Street”.

But it is Lenon, of 44 years, mother of three bondage and submission, that he was a prisoner in the maximum security prison Bandyup Women’s Prison, a much more hazardous facilities, where he was attacked.

On Monday, as Lenon was waiting in the line to receive medication, a woman prisoner poured the freshly boiled water on your back, the shoulders, the breasts, the neck, arms, and fingers, causing severe burns.

The attack has brought to light Lilley relatively protected from the jail with personal support officer to the Melaleuca unit that focuses on “the reduction of recidivism, education, and early release”.

Jemma Lilley spent years fantasising about being a serial killer, but was arrested after a murder.

Lilley was sinister, even as a child in England, and told her stepmother of his killing spree fantasies.

Aron Pajich was a vulnerable teenager attracted by jemma Lilley and his infatuation of a cohort.

But as The Australian reported, that it now faces the possibility of being moved, after the prison sentence. After being found guilty of murder last month of November, Lilley and Lenon are to be sentenced next month and face the prospect of life in prison.

His last show was Lilley, more than Lenon, whose life was a dress rehearsal for this terrible murder.

In Lilley the sick of mind, of 18, Aaron Pajich cruel murder was a glamorous fantasy with her as a serial killer star.

The young, tattoo-covered motorcycle British immigrants may have worked a humble job at a Perth supermarket, but it was kept secret obsessions — choking, castration, force feeding, whipping and speculation. Its horrible stash of weapons, tools, and the images reveal that she believed she was the protagonist of his own murder of the film.

Mother of three On Lenon became Lilley’s murderous cohort in the murder of Aaron Pajich.

Lilley grew up in England and his ex-stepmother Nina Lilley revealed, it was sinister and strange, like a child obsessed with serial killers and murder.

Nina, of Stamford, in the county of Lincolnshire, lived with her husband Richard and step-daughter of the jemaa el fna square, until the relationship broke down. She left the family home because she was so disturbed by Lilley’s behavior, which seemed to get worse before she left the uk, The Sun newspaper reported. Jemma was dyslexic, but determined and, finally, finished writing a violent and disturbing book.

“The book he wrote was a big problem, as it was called Playzone, about this character SOS and I found it very disturbing,” said Nina. “At first I said, ‘well, you want to write a horror story”, but I do not like the content of the same.

After murdering Aaron Pajich Lilley and Lenon was buried fully clothed under this slab in his backyard.

Jemma Lilley of the Chucky doll in the murder of the house of the kitchen in Perth.

“It was all about the torture and the very violent, and no empathy for the victims.

“She has always had an obsession with serial killers as a teenager, but she said it was a way of expressing their frustration.”

Jemma, who lacked personal warmth or emotion, he was passionate about or, at least, decided to get Playzone published. In reality, it was 200 pages of poorly written prose full of spelling mistakes and repetitive scenes of pain and torture.

Nina said Jemma, that was fixed by knives, would talk about Playzone’s main character, a serial killer called the SOS, and the quote from the book of talk that always Nina “on the shore”.

SOS is named after the Son of Sam, serial killer David Berkowitz, who murdered six people in a 1970’s rampage that terrorized New York.

A passage of Playzone reveals the thirst of blood, and a lust for power and notoriety.

“I feel as if I do not rest until the blood or the flesh of a screaming, pleading victim is gushing out and pooling on the floor,” the passage says.

Tattooed assassin: Jemma Lilley dreamed of fame and fortune with your deformed from torture and death.

Playzone was brutal, but poorly written.

On Clear Lenon was Lilley’s accomplice. Photo: Anne Barnetson.Aaron Pajich body found0:27

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