Fisker Emotion showed at CES with 400-mile range

Fisker has shown that Emotion-electric luxury sedan at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in production guise.

The only performance statistics is the car a top speed of 161mph, although it is expected that the 400-mile-range EV, which is also four-wheel drive and shares similar dimensions like the Tesla Model S closely with Elon Musk, the first four-door model for other performance statistics.

The car is built from carbon fiber and aluminum to weight down so it is probably lighter than the Model S. The Emotion comes with four or five seats, with four upward-opening ” butterfly doors controlled from the driver’s smartphone. They can be opened via flush handles on the outside, too.

Five LiDAR sensors that are used on the car, which will help it to achieve the level 4 autonomy-ability. Fisker says the car software can classify data received from the sensors and objects in real time, bring the car response times.

Inside there are three screens streaming information to the driver bent infotainment screen on the dashboard, a more iPad-like device in the Central dashboard, under him, and the place of the traditional dials. There is also the possibility of a 27in curved screen on the back, about the upcoming Chauffeur-Edition cars. The interior looks to be on par with the Mercedes-Benz S-class.

Connectivity is also likely to be high on the agenda of the new EV four-seater, with a plurality of inductive charging stations in the interior. There is no word yet on the connectivity interfaces between the cars and smartphones, but.

In addition to the premium leather interior, the car reveal, Fisker will option the growing number of luxury car manufacturers offer vegan-friendly interior.

First UK cars arriving in 2020, even though production starts in 2019, with a North American production site not yet confirmed. If you are on sale in the US in 2019, it will for the price of $129,900 (£96,061 at current exchange rates). UK pricing is yet to be announced, although it is unlikely to be too far from US prices.

Also found next to the car fiskers solid-state battery technology, which will be when used in a car application from 2020 is capable of charging a range in less than a minute.

The technology is separated on the display of the emotions, and the car with more than 500 miles of range on one battery charge.

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