The explosion on Bessarabka: survivor model gave the first review

For the first time, three months later, after the explosion in the center of Kiev on Bessarabska square, model Natalia Tselovalnikova personally told about his condition. The victim is on the mend.

The corresponding message Natalia wrote on the page of your mom in Facebook. Since the gadgets of the victim are still the police, she was forced to use the account of his mother, Irene knight.

The model said that the explosion fractures of the feet and hands gradually heal. Natalia also expressed his gratitude to all who helped her recovery.

Celovalnikova shared his optimistic mood and urged everyone to appreciate every moment of your life.

“I’m smiling, joking here periodically, and to do what you do in everyday life easy, it gives me a tremendous work (with a broken leg and arm is not particularly poaktivnichat). Thoughts like this daily brainstorming and soul-searching… How do you want to convey to you that you are not discouraged by trifles,“ said Natalia.

We will remind, on September 8 in the center of Kiev, near the Bessarabian market, a car exploded, which killed a citizen of Georgia Temur Makhauri is a fighter of the Chechen volunteer battalion named after Sheikh Mansur. On 9 September in mass media the information appeared that in the car at the time of the explosion was model Natalia Tselovalnikova (Purse).