‘I didn’t realize a man had been shot’

The couple have not moved since the violent incident, despite heavily armed police locking down the area and the setting of the scene of a crime on the Plateau of the crescent address just after 4pm.

The man was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition with an arm injury.

A photo of the scene of a shooting in Carrara. Photo: Hannah Sbeghen

A neighbor, who declined to be named, said he saw a green car speed past, when he went out to the street to find out what was going on.

“I was in a state of shock,” the neighbor told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“It is not something we expect to happen on an idle Monday evening.

“To be honest, because it was only a hard blow, I thought it was a motorbike or something making a loud noise.

“When I went back inside and turned the tv on that I realized that it was a bit more sinister than that.

The neighbor said: “it is generally a quiet street, nothing really happens here.”

Four paramedic crews, including a high acuity response unit and critical care paramedic treated the man before transporting him to Gold Coast University Hospital.

More information to come.

#Update – Patient transported in stable condition to Gold Coast University Hospital after a reported gunshot incident in a #Carrara address. High Acuity Response of the Critical Care Unit and Paramedic on board.— Queensland Ambulance (@QldAmbulance) January 8, 2018

A photo of the scene of a shooting in Carrara. Photo: Nine News

Originally published as “I became aware of a man who had been shot down’