A us helicopter made an emergency landing on site in Japan

This is not the first incident with American military pilots in Japan over the past few days

TOKYO – U.S. military helicopter on Monday made an emergency landing on site on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

As reported by Japanese broadcaster NHK, the helicopter crew landed due to the fact that on the control panel lit up warning signal. Messages on victims did not arrive.

In another incident on Saturday, a transport helicopter of the us marine corps made an emergency landing on one of the beaches of Okinawa due to the damaged screw. Earlier the window, away from a military helicopter that fell on the school Playground.

Such cases, as well as separate incidents involving us military resentment of the US military presence on the island.

The island of Okinawa, strategically located near the East China sea was under us occupation until 1972. Stationed here about 30 thousand soldiers, who live and work on the bases occupying one-fifth part of the island.