Trump and his staff criticized the book on the first year of the 45th U.S. President at the White house

The President called the author “completely discredited” person

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Ken Bredemeier, the President of the United States Donald trump and his aides on Sunday, contemptuously spoke about a new book that contains details about the chaotic first year of the President’s stay in office, where he is portrayed as a person, intellectually not suited to the role of leader of the United States.

“I had to get used to fake news from the first day when I announced that I was going to run for President – wrote trump on Twitter. Now I have to get used to the fake book written completely discredited author.”

We are talking about the book “Fire and fury: inside the White house trump” (Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House) journalist Michael Wolfe, received in the sale on Friday. The book is based on 200 interviews with trump and many of his companions, describes the White house as unworkable structure.