Trump did not rule out the possibility of negotiations with North Korea

The US President reiterated the absence of collusion with the Kremlin

President Donald trump on Saturday again denied reports about contacts between members of his election team and the Kremlin during the campaign of 2016, saying that he is willing to enter into negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

“Everything I did is 100 percent correct, – said the head of the White house during a press conference at camp David, where he met with Republican leaders in Congress. Is what I do – solve the questions correctly”.

The US President felt it necessary to add that he and his team has never worked with Russian representatives.

“Just so you understand: there was no conspiracy, and there was no crime,” he told reporters.

The us President briefly commented on an article published on the eve of the New York Times, alleging that Donald trump asked one of the legal advisers of the administration to convince the General Prosecutor Jeff and Roman sessions do not make decisions on the disengagement from the investigation about the Russian intervention in the campaign of 2016. As a result, according to the publication, the White house decided that the President lost the opportunity to influence the work of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Speaking to reporters at camp David, Donald trump said that the article is not true, but declined to discuss details.

Answering the question about the problem of North Korea, the US President said that does not rule out the possibility of holding talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

“Of course, I always believed in negotiations,” said Donald trump.