The police have arrested a man in relation to the murder of the Australian man Kai Foley

Kai Foley, 30, was found in the vicinity of Odin’s Square, a public square located in the heart of the Swedish city of Gothenburg, early in the morning of the 20th. December, but the police believes that he might have been attacked, which is located several hundred meters.

Mr Foley was multiple stab suffer found wounds in the center of Gothenburg, about 4.30 p.m., December 20. Image: GT

He suffered severe spinal and abdominal injuries and died later in the hospital.

The Swedish news Agency TT reported of a man is currently imprisoned, and about the attack after his arrest on Friday.

Local prosecutors say, he was not aware of Mr Foley. Local Newspapers in Sweden reported at the time that it was a random attack.

Mr Foley with his girlfriend Sabina.

Mr Foley, who was believed to have been working in the restaurant industry, spent part of his youth growing up in Alice Springs before he moved to Melbourne.

He moved to Gothenburg last year with his Swedish girlfriend.