The recovery in the economy propelled the Dow Jones at historic high of 25,000

The stock market continues to recover amid confident economic indicators

Industrial stock index Dow Jones for the first time exceeded 25,000 points, and other key indices again reached record heights amid self-economic indicators, to extend new year revival on the stock exchange.

The index covering the 30 largest industrial companies in the U.S. in 2017, which crossed five thousandths of marks due to the good performance of corporate profits and expectations for the implementation of the agenda of President Donald trump, designed to stimulate economic growth.

The index rose to 5000 points in less than a year that became for him the most dramatic growth spurt since its inception in may 1896.

On wall street 2018 began in General very confident: on Wednesday, the S&P index for the first time closed at over 2,700 points, while a day earlier, the Nasdaq crossed the mark of 7,000 points. On Thursday both indexes also closed with record figures.

Good data on the industry and the service sector in the world’s largest economy has set a trend on the rise. Also on Thursday, data was released that in December the American company has stepped up hiring of new employees.

“There are expectations that the market return volatility, which will pull him down” at some point this year, said the chief strategist at Prudential Financial in Newark Quincy Crosby.

“However, while there is economic growth, and earnings grow… there are still strong reasons for the increase, she added. – Excitement on the stock exchange suggests that investors expect the positive trends at least in the first months of the year.”