Tributes to the Beatles-promoter Tony Calder

Music promoter, Tony Calder, The Beatles score their first hit single, has died at the age of 74 years, have helped.

He began his career at Decca Records in the 1960s, and Grant went to work with the Beach Boys, Marianne Faithfull, Black Sabbath, and Eddy.

The executive also co-founded his own independent record company, signing acts such as Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac.

Andrew Loog Oldham, his former business partner, tweeted: “A family member has left us.”

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Born in Surbiton, Surrey to Scottish parents in 1943, Calder was one of the busiest agents on the music scene of the 1960s, working for Decca Records by day and as a DJ Mecca dance halls by night.

In 1962, he was tasked with the promotion of the Beatles “, the first single, Love Me Do.

“It was not always play the radio and after the first week you were in a panic,” Calder once told BBC Radio 2.

“And then I thought, ‘This fills all the Mecca dance halls that I play – that’s what we do in the whole country.'”

So he personally has to say 100 copies of the single clubs in the whole of the UK, with a note, it was a guaranteed floor-filler.

“We sent it on Monday. By Wednesday they were all to play it,” he recalled.
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This in turn generates demand for the song to local record stores, and helped reach The Beatles, the number 17 in the UK charts.

“The recording was to fight and it has – and that is how we removed it,” said Calder.

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A few years later, he was launched together with the Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, a PR-company, image. Together, they helped the cement, The Rolling Stones ‘ reputation as bad boys of British rock.

“In those days you could not pop stars on the front page of a national newspaper,” he once said.

“It took a report from Mick urinating on the wall of a gas station to do that, if in fact, it was Bill Wyman.

“Andrew and I sold the story. We have 10 pounds, each.”

Outside of his promotional duties, Calder also Marianne Faithfull ‘ s top 10-hits produced Come and Stay with Me and With This Little bird.

In 1965, Alexander Calder and Oldham formed UK independent-founded label Immediate, the artist Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, and PP Arnold and the Small Faces.

The label lost millions of pounds and was embroiled in litigation for years after its collapse in 1970. The Small faces, which is known only to royalties for the album ” Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake in the year 1997.

In the 70s, Calder sub-groups Black Sabbath signed and managed by Eddy Grant. He was credited with the rescue Grant – I Don ‘ T Wanna Dance from a forgotten demo, as he pushed for the release as a single.

He is also The Bay City Rollers, but not on their artistic merits.

“I saw you play live in Edinburgh in the morning, and they were horrible,” he told The Herald in 1995.

“But there were police outside back rows scream keep children… so I thought I would of grab a share in a few.”


He remained active in the 80s and 90s, to help novelty band Jive Bunny to score in three consecutive UK number-one hits, and has enjoyed success with his own publishing house, Marylebone music.

Calder and Oldham also wrote a book about Abba in the 1990s, which was generally mocked by fans, who claimed it was riddled with factual inaccuracies.

According to reports, Calder died of complications from pneumonia at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London.

His friend, Mark St. John, paid tribute: “Tony was a polarizing character, but, love him or hate him, he was unique and a big, big part of the creation and consolidation of the music industry at a time when it was still in its Wild West phase”.

Oldham told variety magazine: “Tony had ears and balls. I loved him, and he will be missed.”

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