In Kiev knackers blew a dog with a firework

In Kiev at the metro campus on Monday, January 1, the residents heard the explosion of firecrackers, and then in the basement of the home found a badly injured dog. The animal was sent to the hospital, but to save him failed. It is reported by the animal rescue Team in Kiev on his page in Facebook.

“On the back of the dog’s body was discovered a large laceration. The nature of the wounds suggests that the tail of the dog someone had tied a firecracker and blew up“, — is spoken in the message of “Team animal rescue in Kiev.“

Animal rights activists immediately announced the collection of funds for treatment of the dog. The animal was operated on by vets.But the dog has not been able to recover from his injuries and died.

As reported in September, in Kiev, the sadist in two months killed and mutilated 15 cats.