The number of victims of protests in Iran has risen to four people

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. The number of victims of protests in Iran has grown to four people, reports local Agency ILNA.

In the major cities of Iran — Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and the rest — from December 28 to pass mass actions of social protest, which sometimes lead to clashes. The first victims were two people who died in the city of Darude. The government claim that “security forces did not open fire on protesters”.

Two people were killed during demonstrations in the town of ys in the South-West of Iran.

“The people of ize city, like other cities, protested against the economic problems that, unfortunately, led to two deaths and several injured,” — said Hedayatollah, Ademi, member of Parliament from the region where the incident occurred.

“I still don’t have any information about who shot yesterday — protesters or police. This question turns out,” he added.
Iranian students during protests in Tehran. 30 Dec 2017