The Berlin police have reported incidents of harassment in new year’s eve

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. Police in the German capital have reported incidents of sexual harassment that occurred during New year celebrations, the suspects were detained.

“During the event #Welcome2018 (“Hello, 2018″. — Approx. ed.) in Berlin, unfortunately, has received some reports of sexual harassment. Such actions we do not tolerate! The suspects were detained”, — militiamen reported in its official microblog on Twitter.

Accurate data on the number of complaints of sexual attack is not given. Other details also have been reported yet.

In January last year by the residents of Cologne were committed mass assaults by migrants and refugees. The police then took over 700 statements from women who had suffered sexual assault and beatings, were also recorded numerous thefts. According to witnesses, among the attackers were young men of North African and of Arab appearance. A similar crime happened in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt and also in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries. The event received a wide public resonance.