Near Kiev railroad saved the driver from a collision with a train

On the move in Boyarka (Kyiv region) hurry railroad rescued the driver, who was stuck between barriers, from colliding with the train. It is reported

The video, which was caught on the dash camera of one of the witnesses, the owner of a foreign car has not stopped on forbidding signal of the traffic light hoping to get moving, but in the end was sandwiched between the barriers. The driver tried to maneuver, but to move out of the way had not happened.

Railroad, located at the crossing, ran up to the car and hands lifted up the barrier, thus freeing the way to the car. The owner of the Mercedes managed to get away, just a few seconds before passing the train.

Recall, 24 November in the Australian city of Melbourne, on the railway platform saved a woman who nearly died under the wheels of a train. Earlier, on August 25 moving in the Kiev region has faced passenger train, EN route to Kiev from Berdyansk, and Lexus.