Kotb officially replaces Lauer on the Today

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Hoda Kotb, who has filled in on NBC’s today show since Matt Lauer was fired in November, has now officially replaced him.

The news means Kotb will host along with Savannah Guthrie at 7 in the morning to 9 of the slot.

Kotb has also been the host of the 10am hour of Today with Kathie Lee Gifford since 2008, which she will continue to do so.

“This has to be the most popular of the decision of NBC News has ever done,” Guthrie said Tuesday.

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And Kotb replied: “There is no one I’d rather be sitting next to you in 2018 than you.”

Al Roker and Carson Daly are the other two members of the 7am to 9am today show.

Kotb posted his reaction on Twitter.

End of the post to Twitter by @hodakotb

Lauer, one of the most famous TELEVISION news anchors in the united states, was fired by NBC through a complaint of sexual misconduct in November.

A day after he was fired, the network said, two women had come forward.

Lauer said in a statement that while some of the stories were false, there was “enough truth” to make him “shame and embarrassment”.

He was one of the network’s biggest stars and has signed a new contract with the network reported value of $20 million (£15 million) per year in 2016.

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