Knyazev: For the man who threatened to blow up mail in Kharkiv, the police brought to the talks of father

To the man who took hostages and threatened to blow up mail in Kharkiv, “the police dialogue” has led to talks of his father. This was announced by the head of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev, the website GU-Ukraine Kharkiv region.

“To negotiate with a man threatening to use explosives, brought his father. Also, in place psychologists. Militiamen carry out all necessary measures to release those who are still inside,” – said Knyazev.

The group “police dialogue” continues negotiations with the offender.

As it was reported, in Kharkov on the street near the shopping center “Rost” for about 15 hours, a man took the office of “Ukrposhta”. The attacker stated that it attached explosive that he is ready to apply.

First hostages of the men were 11 persons: 9 adults and two children. Recently captured from the post office freed five hostages – three women and two children. At the moment the building remains of six hostages.

Investigatory management GU Nacpac in Kharkiv region began pre-judicial investigation on h. 2 art 147 (capture of hostages) Criminal code of Ukraine. According to the sanction of the article to the man threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.