In Poland, the vandals attacked the offices of deputies of the ruling party

WARSAW, 2 Jan – RIA Novosti. The attacks of the vandals targeted the offices of the deputies of the ruling party of Poland “law and justice” Lukas Schreiber in Warsaw and Cosmas Zlotowska, who is also a MEP, in the city of nakÅ‚o nad Notizen (Kujawsko-Pomorskie).

Schreiber suspects that the attack was committed by political opponents of the ruling party. “New year, but unfortunately, the old methods of total supporters of the opposition… the Offices of Deputy Zlotowska and my Hair is under attack”, — he wrote on Twiitter.

#NowyRok ale niestety want to stare sympatyków #TotalnaOpozycja. Kolejne już biuro poselskie Posła do PE @KosmaZlotowski i moje zaatakowane. Po #Bydgoszcz.y teraz #NakłoNadNotecią:/
— Łukasz Schreiber (@LukaszSchreiber) January 1, 2018.

From the published images it is seen that damaged the front door of the offices, they made inscriptions of a political nature.

The incidents occurred in two offices of deputies of the “Law and justice”. The press Secretary of Warsaw district of Praga-PoÅ‚udnie, Karol Szyszko said on Twitter that the doors of the offices of deputies of Paul Lisiecki and Zdzislaw Krasnodarskogo was sealed with an unknown substance.

The Minister of internal Affairs Mariusz Blascak also blames the opposition for what happened. “This is another proof that the atmosphere is heated total opposition”, he said and assured that “the police are ready to ensure the safety of all people.”

This is not the first case of an attack by vandals on the offices of the ruling party of Poland. The same thing happened in the office of the Deputy Beata camps. Suspect Sebastian K. is arrested, he is charged with terrorism and faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.