In hlevakha teenagers robbed and fractured skull son the official

In the village of glevaha near Kiev in the new year’s eve a group of teenagers (aged 11 to 15 years old) was severely beaten by the minor son of the chief of service for children in Vasylkivska district state administration Natalia Ibragimova. She wrote about this in Facebook. “After celebrating the New year with friends in hlevakha in the morning walked along the main street one, but he caught the eye of company thugs that new year’s eve were looking for the victim. This victim was my son, they took his phone, wallet, passport, but…. it bydlota started brutally beating him, there were five of them, beat every, finished off with a bat because he wanted to kill. When my son lost consciousness, they left him to die on the road“, — said the mother and noted that this could happen to anyone. Currently her child is in the Center of neurosurgery. He underwent several operations. “My son has a cracked skull, cut the head (had surgery), two terrible bruises of the head, a suspected fracture of the scapula, arm and knee. Beat the bat and feet,“ — said Ibragimov. The police found that the attackers were five.

“The oldest is 15! He is a center! All the rest — from 11 to 14 years old. Yesterday, two of them already in the evening he was beaten, looted, but the guilt was only one (next to him cried his mother) and the other told the story with pride! Proudly told me that they are still after the beating, decided to return to my son and hide the body. Thank you to those people who took my son away and saved him from these children, children of thugs, but the children“, — concluded the head of service for children in Vasylkivska district state administration Natalia Ibragimova.

It should be noted that among the comments to the post the official social network in addition to a sincere expression of regret and statements of hopelessness re these geeks, there are the comments of the people Glevahi: “The worst thing is that this is not the only victim of these… And the police know it, but nothing predprinimayut….“.

Recall that in late December in Vinnytsia mother was severely beaten and kicked out of the house 7 year old son.