Hammond called for the release of British EU-exit studies


A group of Labour members try to release the pressure on the government, the reports about how Brexit impact on the economy.

The 25-per-Stay, the politicians have written to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond said people “have a right to know what is the impact of Brexit is for you and for your families.”

Mr Hammond said it was “profoundly useless” release his analysis now.

The Opposition have followed MPs “Brexit impact assessments” for months.

But the government has said the sector-by-sector reviews is not have you ask it there, and instead has provided MPs with a series of documents calling for it, “sectoral analyses”.

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So far, MPs’ efforts have been mainly on the Brexit-Secretary David Davis.

Now, a group of Labour members, supporters of the pro-EU Open-great Britain, group your attention to the state Treasury.

Mr Hammond said earlier this month that a “whole series were assessed from the possible alternative structures between the EU and the UK”.

The MPs say in their letter to the Chancellor: “Without access to the latest taxpayer-funded analysis and research, the Parliament is paralyzed in its ability to examine the concept of government and the facts to our clients.

“It is important that information about the modeling and analysis conducted by Treasury. The best way to achieve this would be for the analysis, published in its entirety.”
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The signatories to the letter from Mr. Hammond, including Chris Leslie, Mary Adler, Stella crazy, and Alison McGovern.

In response, the Ministry of Finance noted that Mr Hammond’s remarks at the time, where he said that, if a final Brexit deal has been negotiated and is before the deputies, “set the maximum amount of analysis that would be in the public domain helpful to you.”

However, at this stage, it would be “deeply unhelpful” for the Treasury analysis made public, he added.