Frenzied rampage caught on CCTV

The shots from the Herald Sun, shows alerts cyclists and pedestrians diving out of the way of the oncoming car stolen — it was also clocked doing skids in front of the Flinders Street Station and running red lights, shortly before 8 a.m. on September 30.

It comes to a bizarre climax when the alleged 15-year-old driver, a pedestrian approaching a oBike — who’s throwing the bike under the rear axle of the car.

The have-a-go-hero, using his elbow to smash the stolen car, the window, and the driver gets out to confront him. WATCH: Explosive Videos of teen Melbourne CBD car rampage -0:43

Caption: Exclusive video shows a teen boy allegedly driving on pedestrians and cyclists, to do skids in front of the Flinders Street station and the running of red traffic lights in Melbourne’s CBD.2. January 2018a day ago/display/NewsCorp network/Network News/National/