December in Kiev has become one of the most warm for 136 years

December 2017 in Kiev was one of the warmest in 136 years of observation. This was reported in the Central geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky.

“The average monthly temperature of December in the capital amounted to +1,6 °C, which exceeds the climatic norm by 3.9 °C… Colder than just Kiev was 11 August, when the minimum temperature dropped to 3.8 °With frost, and warmer within five days when the maximum temperature reached +9,8 °C“, – stated in the message on the website of the Observatory.

As noted in the Observatory, the rainfall in December fell to 129 mm, which amounted to two and a half monthly norm. As a result, he ranked second among the wettest since 1891, and this year is the first. The maximum height of the snow cover on the nauki Avenue, 37 19 Dec reached 35 cm, but up to the 27th, it’s already completely gone.

According to meteorologists, December also became the second among wet from 1891 through the loss of 129 millimeters of rain, which amounted to two and a half monthly norm, according to the Observatory.

Only in December was there are five temperature records.

Recall last temperature record was broken in Kiev 29 Dec – specialists recorded the warmest night of the 1881.