Amputation of fingers and trauma to the eye: In Ukraine, new year’s eve fireworks from injured three people

In Ukraine in the result of careless handling of pyrotechnics during the new year holidays were injured three people. Among them two children. This reports the press center of national police.

It is noted that the 9-year-old boy from Kakhovka and 37-year-old resident of Sambir – traumatic amputation of the fingers, 5-year-old boy from Genichesk district, injured eye.

9-the summer inhabitant of Kakhovka January 1, ended up in the hospital with a diagnosis of “Incised wounds of hands, amputation of two fingers of the right hand”. As militiamen established, in Christmas night, the guy carried out shots of fireworks of the type “the Roman candle”. A volley of firecrackers occurred in the hands of the student, whereby he was injured. At this time next to him were his parents, who took the child to the hospital.

Previous legal qualification events – article 166 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“Malicious non-performance of duties on care of the child or person with respect to which established guardianship or guardianship”).

On the same day in traumatologic office of hospital of Kherson inhabitants of one of settlements Genichesk district, brought 5-year-old son. Doctors diagnosed the guy eye damage.

On the evening of 31 December, the boy, along with several friends played on the street. Someone of the kids threw a firecracker in a glass bottle, after which it exploded. Splinter hit the guy in the eye. Now the child is in consultation at the hospital in Odessa. Previous legal qualification events – article 128 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“Careless heavy or average weight injury”).

In both cases, parents of injured children to the police was not sought.

Also the morning of January 1 in Sambir Department of police in Lviv region reported that the result of careless handling of pyrotechnic product injured man.

Police have previously established that 37-the summer inhabitant of Sambor, celebrating home New year, went to the balcony to shoot from firecrackers. However, it exploded in his hand. The victim was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “Complete traumatic separation of the second and third fingers of the left hand”.

All the victims are in the hospital. Police establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Police urge citizens to observe basic rules of acquisition and use of pyrotechnics and in any case do not give these products to children. Fireworks can cause injuries and burns, to frighten the child and worsen his hearing.

As reported, in Ukraine for the first day of 2018 fires killed 16 people. The number of house fires in this day has almost doubled to 110 cases.

Also we will remind that on Sakhalin (Russia) in the midst of celebrating the New year burned a 25-meter tree. At the moment on the square there were about a thousand people. No injuries were reported. In a video released depicted as the host calmed the crowd and encouraged to have fun and on.