A court in Moldova was allowed to appoint Ministers to bypass the President

CHISINAU, 2 Jan — RIA Novosti. The constitutional court of Moldova ruled that the Parliament speaker or the Prime Minister instead of the President to appoint a foreign Minister and six members of the government, said a member of court Igor Share.

Thus, the court temporarily suspended the powers of the President. As the acting speaker of Parliament or Prime Minister will issue a decree on the appointment of members of the government and will take their oaths of office.

Earlier, Prime Minister Pavel Filip has invited President Igor Dodon nominations of the seven new Ministers. Deputy Prime Minister for European integration was planned to appoint the Vice-speaker Iurie Leanca, Deputy Prime Minister for reintegration — the employee the Ministry of foreign Affairs Christine Forester, the Minister of foreign Affairs — Ambassador to Switzerland Tudor Ulanowski, Minister of economy and infrastructure, ex-Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici and head of the Ministry of health, labour and social Director of blood transfusion Center Svetlana Cebotari, Minister of agriculture, regional development and environment — rector of the Agrarian University Liviu of Volkonovich and Minister of justice, Alexandru Tanase. Dodon twice these candidates was rejected.

The constitutional court has already adopted such a decision — after he twice rejected the candidacy of Vice-Chairman of the people’s European party of Eugene Sturza for the post of defense Minister. This assignment was first passed in a special order: the decree was signed by the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian CANDU, he also took the oath Sturza.

He said he believes that the constitutional court has to continue to take controversial decisions — “at the limit of legality and beyond common sense.” In his opinion, the court had to apply the government or the Parliament, and not a few deputies, as was actually the case.

The Moldovan leader added that “decided not to yield”. “It’s better than then for years to explain why he was appointed to the position of one or another structure that is compromised of Ministers”, — he wrote in Facebook.