2018 Citroen C4 Cactus price of £17,265

Citroën has re-engineered its C4 Cactus saloon, with a new comfort-oriented suspension, a revised Airbump styling and a flagship 128bhp petrol engine. Prices start from £17,265 and the first deliveries are due in April.

The series starts with the 81bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine Feel Edition, for the price of £700 below the 109bhp Feel. The cheaper, lower-powered car will only be available until the end of may, before the Puretech 110 Feel the area of the entry point, with a price of just under £18,000.

The selection is topped by the 98bhp BlueHDi Flair, diesel, £20,895, although the most powerful model is the 128bhp Puretech 130 petrol, with a price of £20,665.

Standard automatic emergency braking function, lane departure warning, and blindspot monitor should all contribute to an increased safety rating from Euro NCAP, while a rear view camera, traffic sign recognition, and keyless entry and start , even under the standard driver-assistance systems.

The overhaul of the C4 Cactus is one of the most important mid-life changes, Citroën has always worked on a model and will significantly change the look and dynamic appeal of the tailgate.

To create the headlines, the introduction of Progressive Hydraulic cushion (PHC) – suspension, which is billed as a “magic carpet ride”, and a new design theme to 20 patent applications.

Citroën C4 deleted to make room for the C4 Cactus

PHC adds a pair of secondary hydraulic damper in each of the coil-Spring suspension corner to travel instead of the traditional rubber bumpstops at the top and bottom of the wheel.

Because the damper is progressive pads have given the wheel travel at both extremes of the movement, engineers, more comfort-oriented springs and dampers for the most important job of insulation of the body from the road.

“The new C4 Cactus is the last word in ultra-comfortable rear flaps, which slide to the impression of the uneven ground, the claims of the Citroën.

Autocar tested the PHC last year in a C4 Cactus and praised its compliant ride and good steering, but noted that the prototype dive when braking, had to be brought under better control.

Comfort is a word that Citroën pride, to the updated model, so that the driver, the never on with the seats in the current car will be pleased to discover, new designed with high-density foam to maintain their shape longer rides.

A more visually obvious change to the revised version of the C4 Cactus is its Airbumps, the learning of their prominent body-side positions to the side sills.

The reduced Airbumps, along with a less fussy front and rear bumper moldings, and new LED headlamps, largely shed, the hard urban car ” image that the C4 Cactus was launched, and move it in the direction of a sophisticated-looking styling theme.

Citroën describes the new look as “fluent and well-ahead-proportioned, without aggression or the length of a nose”.

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