In SF suggested the possibility of outside intervention in the situation in Iran

MOSCOW, 31 Dec — RIA Novosti. The external factor in the Iranian protests is present, although not yet dominant, the situation is unlikely to end the revolution, but the “competition” was held, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

“New year’s wave of protests in Iran, of course, in the first place is a symptom of certain internal political processes in the country. Socio-economic factors also influence the events, but they aren’t the worst in the region and in comparison with previous years for the Iran: GDP per capita in the country, according to international agencies, around 5 thousand 300 dollars (more than in 2016, nearly 4.5%, one and a half times higher than, for example, in Egypt, and two times higher than in Ukraine),” — said the Senator.

According to him, although inflation is quite high, but the lowest in the last 25 years. And unemployment (about 8-9.5%) — lower than in Turkey (11.6 percent).

However, some economic indicators are quite capable of playing the role of detonator – “for example, many of the protesters “trigger” was the rise in price of eggs almost doubled in a week,” he added Kosachev.
Iranian students during protests in Tehran. 30 Dec 2017

“However, as they say, you always need to “follow the hands”: very soon there were political slogans – to release political prisoners, to put an end to police arbitrariness, to limit the role of the clergy. And in some cities chanting: “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran!”, “Leave Syria, think about us!” that is, a targeted attack on the foreign policy of Iran”, — the politician said.

“And here, I believe, can be assumed and external influences. I wouldn’t ascribe too much influence on Iran’s processes Washington – now it’s not in the “condition”, and Iran — not as an open country to foreign influence,” — said the MP.

However, said Kosachev, the reaction of Washington and the President of the United States Donald trump on the Iranian protests looks like a blatant “hint” to the protesters: “we support the Iranian people in their struggle for basic rights and against corruption”, against the “squandering of national wealth by the regime to Finance terrorism abroad,” and the like – “say, speak what is necessary, external support is guaranteed to you”.
Iranian students during protests in Tehran. 30 Dec 2017

In his opinion, is that any excuse to undermine Iran from within will be appreciated USA, no doubt — Iran declared an “enemy No. 1” U.S. national security, Washington is holding consultations with Israel about means of pressure on Tehran. Israeli television reported recently that the U.S. and Israel signed on 12 December a secret agreement on cooperation on countering Iran’s politics, said the Senator.

“So, of course, the external factor in the Iranian protests is present, although not yet dominant. I believe the wave of protests will subside soon, no revolution will happen, but “competition” has taken place. Tehran should be alert, aware of that very powerful forces in the world interested in the fact that the “Arab spring” continued the Persian. If not now and not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow”, concluded Kosachev.
Iranian students during protests in Tehran. 30 Dec 2017