Deputy assistant Secretary of state about the situation in Iran

Andrew Rush told “Voice of America” about Washington’s position on the protests in Iran

The protests in Iran confirm the words of the United States government that the biggest victim of the Iranian government is the Iranian people. In an interview with “Voice of America” said Deputy assistant Secretary of state Affairs of Iran and Iraq Andrew Peak.

“The United States continues to support the Iranian people and President of the trump made a clear statement on this issue,” added Andrew Peak. “We urge the Iranian government to respect their people’s right to peaceful protest, and to respect the right of free information and not to use violence against peaceful protesters. It’s basic human rights, which, in our opinion, the Iranian government must abide.”

Andrew Peak said that U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson is in close contact with our European partners. On both sides of the Atlantic are actively working together to create an international coalition in support of the Iranians. “We work with a number of countries – Canada, great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and other over that the Iranian nation could Express their dissatisfaction,” said Andrew Rush. At the same time, Rex Tillerson did not discuss the situation in Iran with Saudi Arabia.

Deputy assistant Secretary of state Affairs of Iran and Iraq believes that it is too early to compare the situation in Iran with the situation in Syria, when protests from the population have led to tough action from the authorities, which resulted in a civil war. “The Iranian government must heed the demands of protesters,” said Rush. – “The United States will prosecute those who would use force against the protesters. We are talking about sanctions and other means”.

“The administration of Donald trump will continue to support the Iranian people and their legitimate desire for a better life,” said Andrew Rush.