Vicious New Year’s Eve bash in the video, the arrests for consumption of alcohol, drugs

The attack, which is believed to have been recorded on a phone, shows a man being repeatedly punched while he lies in the road in the center of the city of Sydney, in the suburb of Pyrmont on the night to the morning.

A young man wearing a white cap which seems to pursue the man and push him down on the road and, while others look, to punch the victim again and again.

Police in NSW are yet to identify the incident, which ended with the assailant getting away.

The police in the new South WALES Coast, stopped a man dressed in camouflage clothing carrying two knives, who pointed a replica Glock pistol at the officers in a Bega of the street.

In Victoria, police arrested 238 people of the night to the morning as hundreds of fans gathered in the city of Melbourne CBD to see the fireworks show. The arrests included 99 for being drunk, 22 drug, and 23 reported assaults. The figure was 30 percent in the last year, when 183 people were arrested in Victoria, on the Eve of New Year 2016.

“In general, we have seen large that the behavior of the crowds, of the night to the morning, which was encouraging,” Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp, said Monday.

A man with a white cap that seems to push the victim and repeatedly punched in the soil. Image: Channel 9

Victorian Police arrest a man in Flinders St, Melbourne on the Eve of New Year. Photo: Jay Town

Police search a man on the Eve of New Year in Melbourne, where hundreds of people were arrested, but there were no major incidents. Photo: Jay Town

The police to check revellers of alcohol before sunrise in Bondi Beach of Sydney. Image: Mark Evans

“There were a small number of people who have done bad, but they were treated by the police to not spoil it for others.”

The crowd filling Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens, Kings Domain and docklands fireworks were not deterred by the fatal attack vehicle near Flinders Street Station just 10 days ago, or November of the arrest of a Werribee man for allegedly planning a New Year’s Eve terrorist attack in places like Federation Square.

In Sydney, seven people were arrested for offences of assault and six people for a number of other offences such as offensive behaviour and affray.

Operation Narimba saw police in the Port of Sydney from the Public Order and Riot Squad, Police Transport Command, Operations Support Group, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Licensing Police, Mounted Unit, Dog Unit, Marine Area Command and PolAir.

Operation Narimba commander, Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton said that the operation was successful in that it allows millions of inhabitants of the city and visitors to enjoy their celebrations with family and friends.

Fireworks illuminate the sky above the Harbour Bridge during the end of Year celebrations in Sydney. Photo: AFP

Police patrol on the Eve of New Year in Melbourne. Image: Mal Fairclough

“Privileged points of fast-fill around the beach of Sydney in the early afternoon and while the number of incidents, the majority of people behave well,” Assistant Commissioner Walton said.

At approximately 8pm on Sunday night in the Bega, the police approached a man walking down the street dressed in camo clothing and the use of a thigh holster with what appeared to be a gun.

Far South Coast Local Area Command officers drove a fully marked police car to the man who allegedly pulled the gun out of the holster and pointed it at them.

The officers retreated to the other street and the other fully marked police car drove up to the man, again allegedly pointed the gun at the windshield.

This car reversed away, and then the four officers of the two vehicles approached the man and directed him to drop the firearm, which he did.

Apparently it was the realization of a replica of the Glock pistol, one of 20 cm of Gurkha combat knife and a knife hidden.

Steven James Carder, 29, was accused of four counts of assault police, two in custody of a knife in a public place, the unauthorized possession of the gun and armed with the intention of committing a crime.

The police stop a Werribee man in November for allegedly plotting the Eve of New Year terrorist attack in the city of Melbourne. Photo: Victoria Police

The revelers slept on the Beach of Bondi, after the New Year’s Eve in Sydney. Image: Mark Evans

Police patrol car in Melbourne before New Year’s Eve fireworks. Image: Mal Fairclough

People watch fireworks explode over Sydney Harbour to usher in 2018. Photo: David Moir

He was refused bail to appear in Batemans Bay Local Court on Monday.

Around 6 p.m. Sunday, Shoalhaven Local Area Command responded to reports of what was believed that the shooting at a property in Morton, 250 kilometres south of Sydney.

Officers arrested a 52-year-old man driving a vehicle off of the property, and seized cannabis, knives and fireworks.

The breath tested the man who allegedly blew .07 and expect to charge him with low-range drink driving.

A shot also was allegedly shot at a house in Chester Hill in western Sydney, where a crime scene has been established, but no one was allegedly injured.

In Cobar in the central west of new south WALES, the police seized 114 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition from a property and continue with the research.

Six people, including a teenager, were injured by fireworks, some of them illegal.

Outside of Melbourne, three men were injured by the illegal use of fireworks, one of them seriously, after a rocket exploded in his hand.

Two other men were also injured in separate fireworks incidents in the western Melbourne suburb of Melton, and in St Leonards, near Geelong.

A young 17 years old teenager who suffered serious burns after a firework exploded in Cromer Heights in the north of Sydney, about 11.40 pm.

He was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital for treatment.

Four days before the Eve of New Year the police seized almost 150 kg of illegal fireworks from north Sydney of the property.

Anyone caught selling, buying or letting of fireworks without a licence faces a fine of more than $27,000 and 12 months in jail.

In South Australia, about 100 people were arrested and a further 11 reported, but the police says that the New Year revelers across the state were generally well behaved. Thousands of people gathered in Adelaide, two great events, in Elder Park and on the beach of Glenelg, and the Assistant to the Commissioner Linda Fellows said that there were no major incidents.

“What this means is that, although there are people who made some bad decisions, most of the people were able to have a great night without attracting the attention of the police,” he said.

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