‘This behavior has been running for almost two years. Enough is enough”

Nelly Yoa, a South Sudanese footballer, was also a machete injured in a high-profile attack in Melbourne in 2011.

His comment comes after a series of headlines of violent incidents in Melbourne last month. Among them, an attempted ambush on the officers, a Mall cop bashing, an out-of-control house party riot were that heavily armed police are forced to retreat, and a mass brawl on St Kilda beach.

In an editorial for Fairfax Media that Yoa wrote that he was “angry and in total disbelief”, because police and government officials “say there is no Sudanese gangs in Melbourne”.

“No one should ever try to do a cover-up, or the defense of this unacceptable behavior, is immoral and inexplicable,” he wrote. “It is annoying and totally wrong.

“It is a fact that the South Sudanese people are over-represented in the crime statistics and cause great damage and fear about the municipalities in Melbourne.

Yoa now training with an AFL team. Source: News Limited.

“I firmly believe need to remember this young Sudanese, customize, and contribute to the Australian way of life immediately.”

Yoa, who migrated to Melbourne from war-saw-torn South Sudan in the year 2003, gang violence first-hand. His life was forever changed when the chaos broke out in 2011, Sudanese beauty pageant after-party in Melbourne’s west.

The promising athlete’s husband was hacked by a Sudan with a machete after the jump in front of the blade to save a friend’s life.

The injury cost him his professional contract with Melbourne Victory and left him in the wheelchair.

“Melburnians are sick and tired of excuses. We have to ensure that people are held accountable,” he wrote.

Rocks and metal rods officer in Werribee were thrown. Picture: Nicole Garmston/News Corp Australia.

“Some of these children have gone too far now. You are a disgrace to themselves, their families and their community.

“This behavior has been running for almost two years. Enough is enough.

“It is ashamed and embarrassed makes me, me is a Sudanese.”

Shocking pictures emerged last week of Ecoville Community Park in Tarneit, Melbourne’s west, which was a no-go zone of a youth group called ” a threat To society-the same Apex-linked group believed to be behind the bloodbath at a Werribee Airbnb property in the last month

Local residents say, the perpetrator kidnapped Tarneit’s community centre and park, go on a night-time vandalism, orgies, threshing-houses, families and terrorize.

The residents say the Ecoville community centre was destroyed. Tarniet. Picture: Nicole Garmston/ News Corp Australia.

Victoria police says it is too early to confirm whether the incidents or the perpetrators are linked to on the state of the violent incidents in December.

However, the acting chief commissioner Shane Patton distanced itself from a local superintendent that belittles the Problem.

“The leaders in the African community willingly and openly say they have problems with a small group of African young people, the Commission of high-end crime,” Mr Patton said The Australian.

“We do not recognize that we shy away from it. We are anyone who has engaged in criminal activity, and if that African young people, so be it.”

The police arrested unrest a suspect in relation to the Werribee. Picture: Nicole Garmston/News Corp Australia.

This morning, Malcolm Turnbull, the debt-to-spoke out about the violence in Victoria alone, the state of the work of the government.

It comes as the Prime Minister faces calls to Fund 80 new AFP officers to reduce youth gangs terrorize Melbourne’s suburbs, according to Sky News.

“I am very concerned about the increasing gang crime and lawlessness in Victoria and especially in Melbourne,” he said at a press conference this morning.

“It is a failure of Andrew’s Labour government. It is very important to understand that community policing, the role of the state government, that is your responsibility.

“The Australian Federal Police is a small specialised police force, which deals obviously with matters and, in particular, responsibility of the Federal government, including terrorism.

“We also have considerable intelligence and technological support to the police in relation to the gangs.”

Malcolm Turnbull accused of working for the problem. Pic Jenny Evans/News Corp Australia.

He said Victoria police is a much larger organization, but it is the “political leadership” to combat the gang problem.

However, Mr Patton said, the problem was solely a police issue.

“We continue to work with the African community to try and identify the causes, which is not only a police matter,” he told the Herald Sun.

“It’s about retreat, it’s about employment, it’s going to be a whole bunch of things.”

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