Over the atlético President was joking and forced him to defend the stadium from the flock

In Spain fool’s Day is celebrated on December 28. Journalists of the TV channel AS.TV decided to make fun of the President of Atletico Enrique Cerezo.

To a new stadium Atletico Wanda Metropolitano, in which the reporters interviewed the President of the club, an unknown man drove a flock of sheep and tried to lead them to the stadium. Help him to the girl, who claimed that they have all necessary documents in order that the sheep could enter the territory of the stadium.

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Cerezo defended the stadium and, together with the security guard prevented the sheep to get inside. He entered into a verbal argument with the girl and the owner of a flock of sheep, also on the scene, the police were called. After the nervous tension experienced journalists Cerezo opened a draw and handed him the bouquet of flowers. The President “plans“ they laughed and accepted the gift.

Earlier it was reported that on April fool’s Day, the ex-goalkeeper of real Madrid Iker Casillas retweeted the news that is going to lead the football Federation of Spain, which could also be a joke.

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