Medical University them. Bogomolets implement new approaches for the development of a “young” science

At the National medical University. Of NMU (NMU) changing approaches and implement systemic reform the process of training future doctors and medical scientists, misleading “FACTS”.

According to the publication Andrii Dinets, head of scientific research Department, rector Kateryna Amosova put before the administration of the task to reform the process of identifying young talent among medical students. Structure based on one platform previously disparate units of the University, managed to combine all the processes associated with the scientific activities of the University. This allowed more efficient to search for talented young people and develop the “adult science”. The University was able to budget funding in the amount of 3 million UAH for the organization of 13 scientific research.

It is also reported that the University implemented a new approach to identifying talented young people. In 2014 grants in the amount of 90 thousand UAH for carrying out of research works of student teams.

Vice-rector of NMU Elena Stechenko, in turn, said the introduction of international quality standards in the educational process.

“We are in the civilized world. Therefore, the need to prepare highly qualified doctors. For this they need to learn, to have access to modern high-quality textbooks, be proficient in English to at any time find the necessary information. They need to know and use the international protocols of medical care. This we teach students,” she said.

For the first time in Ukraine at the national medical University was a pilot project for the introduction of the so-called OSC – Objective structured clinical exam, upon delivery of which the students consolidate practice their knowledge. The project has received positive feedback from future physicians, and now the University is considering the possibility to implement it further.

The leadership of the NMU also notes the improvement of material-technical base of the University. For clinical practice and for research were acquired by a 3D printer, a device for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in real time, the modern chromatograph for carrying out tandem mass spectrometry, a sensitive mannequins for practical tasks.

The University is successfully developing international cooperation. In addition to the cooperation with major European, world, including American and Chinese schools, a program for the training of Ukrainian students abroad. On foreign trainings have been 83 students, which is significantly more than three years ago, write “FACTS”, referring to the Vice-rector for international relations and scientific pedagogical work of Olesya Linovitskiy.

Vice-rector on scientific work of Tatiana Cherenko also notes that at this stage in the University is carried out systematic work to nurture young scientists.

“We updated the regulations on student groups and there has prescribed such criteria as training in independent research work. Thus, step by step, we are forming the future of the scientist”, – said the rector.