Kim Jong-UN: US should know that the nuclear forces of the DPRK have become a reality

The North Korean leader said that the nuclear button installed on his Desk

North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said on Monday that the United States should know – nuclear forces of the DPRK have become a reality, not a threat. However, in his new year address, he also took a conciliatory tone, wishing the success of the Olympics, which opens in February in South Korea, and made clear that Pyongyang may submit to the competition of its delegation.

Dressed in a grey suit, Western-style Kim Jong-UN in his annual address said that his country was committed historical action “form” of nuclear forces, adding that the nuclear button is located on his desktop.

“The United States should know that the button control of nuclear weapons is on my Desk, he said. All the US mainland is within range of our nuclear strike. USA will never start a war against me and our country.”

Kim Jong-UN also called for improved relations with the South, but this idea is more often expressed in words, than is embodied on the matter. According to him, the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang will be a good opportunity to demonstrate the status of the Korean nation.

According to him, representatives of the North and the South should hold an emergency meeting to discuss sending to the Olympics the North Korean delegation.

“The winter Olympic games which will pass in the South, will be a good opportunity to show the status of the Korean nation, and we sincerely wish that this event showed good results,” he said.

In the administration of the President of South Korea welcomed the proposal to hold talks between the representatives of the governments of the two countries on the issue of sending North Korean delegation to the Olympics. The administration of President moon Jae-In said that the successful holding of the games in Pyeongchang will contribute to the establishment of peace and harmony not only on the Korean Peninsula and in northeast Asia, but around the world.

The Christmas appeal is an annual event in the North, which is carefully studied in search of clues to the priorities that Kim Jong-UN may establish for the coming year.

The current treatment was of particular importance due to the increasing tension due to the frequent missile launches and nuclear test conducted in North Korea in 2017. The tests became an occasion for exchange of harsh words between Pyongyang and U.S. President Donald trump, who disparagingly calls Kim Jong UN “little rocket man”.

Kim Jong-UN also stressed the economic achievements of North Korea and the need to improve living standards in the country.