I’ll make a feast: Kiev jumped from the 13th floor

In Kiev on the eve of New year, 31 December 2017, the 36-year-old man jumped out the window. This is the website of the Informant and the community dtp.kiev.ua.

The incident occurred at Boulevard Vaclav Havel, 36V at about 22:10. It is reported that the man jumped from the balcony of the apartment of his parents.

“Want a holiday? I’ll throw a party“ – quotes the last words of men dtp.kiev.ua. The public said that he fell from the 13th floor.

A witness to the incident was the taxi driver who brought on this address passenger. In the headlights he saw at the entrance of the lying man.

The deceased left a wife and child. According to the widow Irina, her husband worked as a driver. During the night, he decided to go to relatives to congratulate with the New year. He drank with all. As it appeared at the window of the balcony, the parents have not seen. Noticed only feet when he fell.

The reasons for such action the wife of the deceased does not understand. She says scandals or conflicts in the family before the incident was not.

We will remind, on December 15 in Kyiv, jumped out the window and retired. And in November in the capital, the man was shot at a stop of public transport.