“The incident occurred in the mosh pit’

Tasmanian Detective Constable Damien McVilly, said the woman, who allegedly assaulted sexually by an unknown male while in The jungle big set on Friday night.

“The incident occurred in the mosh-pit in front of the main stage at about 9.30 PM,” Constable McVilly said.

He said the woman was given the help the night and Bellerive CIB has been investigated.

Police and event organizers condemned the behavior, and someone called in to the mosh-stay pit with friends. Who is isolated or feels insecure is asked to contact the nearest police officer or event security personnel.

Police want to hear from people who witnessed the incident, particularly the two women that helped the victim to leave the mosh-pit after the alleged attack.

“Although the mosh-pit is not self-designed, in close contact, any form of touching without the other person’s consent is not OK,” said Constable McVilly.

“In addition, we want to feel patrons are safe and the event can enjoy, why should anyone witness this type of behavior, please report it immediately.”

Information can be given to police officers on the festival or the police help line 131 444. Information can also anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at the crime stop Stas com.au.

Originally published as a 19-year-old allegedly assaulted in the mosh-pit