Students will not be forced to study basics of religious cultures – Metropolitan Hilarion

Moscow. 30 Dec. INTERFAX – Children whose parents don’t want their education in a religious spirit, will learn in school the basics of secular ethics, said the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

“Resistance comes from certain groups of people – those people who don’t want their children to be educated in a religious spirit, but to those people, and for their children, provided the alternative is “fundamentals of secular ethics”, – he said in the program “Church and world” on TV channel “Russia 24”, answering the question about the negative attitude of some people to the extension course “fundamentals of Orthodox culture and secular ethics”.

The Hierarch noted that even those children who belong to Orthodox families, will learn “the Basics of Orthodox culture”, only if you want, the same applies to children, who will study the basics of Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist cultures, and someone will study a General religious studies course.

“It is important for children to learn these things, because religion is becoming more and more significant factor in our society,” stressed Metropolitan Hilarion.

The Archbishop added that the study of basics of religious cultures, it is first necessary to ensure that children did not succumb to the manipulation, when under religious slogans the students instigated extremist ideas.

“Terrorists today operate under religious slogans. It is very important that our pupils and students know what is taught a particular religion. For example, so they know what Islam teaches. It is very important that any person in the case of communication with the alleged recruiter who will our children say that you have in the name of Allah to kill infidels, would calmly and firmly reply: “No, I know that Islam teaches is wrong. I know that religion does not call for murder”,” – said the Metropolitan.