In three regions of Ukraine rose cold water

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU), raised tariffs on cold water supply and sanitation in 2018 in three regions of Ukraine. The decision was taken at the meeting on 28 December, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

So, the tariff increase was approved for the “Harkovvodokanal” – at the level of 8.38 UAH per cu. m for sewage 4,36 UAH per cubic meter For “Dneprovodokanal” water supply tariff was set at the level of 6.47 UAH per cu. m wastewater – 4.25 UAH per cubic meter And the water tariff for “Lovedone” was 7.09 UAH / cubic meter and drainage from 3.62 UAH per cu. m

It is noted that the reason for the increase in tariffs was, in particular, the change in the costs of labour and electricity cost.

Recall, with this 28 Dec NKREKU increased wholesale market price of electricity. The rise in the price of electricity will pass in two stages – from 1 January it will rise to 9.5%, and since April is still 6.1%.

In addition, reduced heating tariffs for residents.