The health Ministry announced a catastrophic shortage of vaccine against polio

According to the rules for the treatment of polio, the first two doses are administered killed vaccine, but due to the fact that she wasn’t making a strong immune system, next is the consolidation of a live vaccine. In an interview with “Commander in chief” said, chief infectionist of the Ministry of health Olga Golubovska.

She said that in Ukraine to date, a sufficient amount of a live vaccine, but not killed.

“We actually are unable to vaccinate children against polio”, — said Golubovska.

The doctor explained what to do the first inoculation with a live vaccine is impossible, because it causes vaccine-associated polio from this technique declined worldwide.

Note that live vaccines are made from weakened pathogens that modifierade by artificial means.

Killed (or inactivated) are drugs that do not contain live microorganisms.

We will remind, according to the who, Ukraine is among top eight countries with the lowest vaccination rates of children. Near – Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan.