Spain seized a half ton of cocaine in the amount of 18 million euros

MADRID, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Spanish police and customs service detected on one of the ships in the port of Valencia a large shipment of drugs — 520 kg of cocaine, said the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of the country Juan Ignacio Zoido.

The drugs were in a container on a cargo ship, which was carrying almonds from long beach (California, USA) and on the way to Spain made several stops in several Latin American countries. The investigation took about a year, in the course of the operation was inspected 800 containers at the port.

This is the third successful operation for the last 15 days, during which Spanish police and customs find large quantities of drugs. In Algeciras it was discovered six tons of cocaine in Barcelona — 331 kg of heroin.

In total law enforcement agencies found for 2017 30,9 tons of cocaine and 440 kg of heroin, 16.5 tons of marijuana and 816 thousand cannabis plants.