Home and away star’s sister dies after a crash


The sister of Australian actress Jessica Falkholt has died after a car accident that also killed their parents and another man.

Annabelle, 21 years old, died in a hospital in Sydney, Friday. Jessica, 28 years old, who appeared in the TV soap Home and away in 2016, remains in a critical condition.

The family were caught up in a two-car highway collision on Boxing Day near Ulladulla, New South Wales.

Their parents and the driver of the other car died at the scene.

The horror crash has made headlines across Australia, with the police calling it “an absolute tragedy”.

Annabelle’s little friend has shared a photo Snapchat of both of them shortly after the crash, asking for prayers and support.

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The two sisters were withdrawn alive from the rubble and transported to separate hospitals.

Jessica is in a coma. Officials have not said if she is conscious of her family’s deaths.

There has been an outpouring of grief from the Home and Away fans on social media for the young actress who plays the character of Hope Morrison for the 16 episodes of the series.

The members of the distribution and other Australian actors have also rallied behind her.

Can I ask you to join me in sending all your love and healing thoughts to Jess, her sister and all the Falkholt of the family. ♥️

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Can we send all our support, love and prayers to Jess and her sister Annabelle, fighting for their lives after their accident on the boxing day. Lots of love sweetheart. Im with you. Can u both make a full recovery. I can’t stress enough to please drive safe these holidays guys. Love ya.

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The Falkholt of the family were returning from a Christmas party, when their vehicle was struck by an oncoming car, local media reported.

The driver of the other car, Craig Anthony Whitall, 50 years, died at the scene with Lars Falkholt, 69 and Vivian Falkholt, 60.


Jessica Falkholt of the mandate of the Hope Home and Away series came to an end in November 2016.

The character had first appeared when she and Raffy Morrison arrived in Summer Bay.

Hope worked briefly in the garage, but fled after stealing money from there and Salt restaurant.

It appeared that her younger sister, Raffy – in fact, his cousin was a brother or a sister of the Morgans, so Raffy stayed in the Bay with them when Hope has been jailed for his crimes.

Falkholt stars in the US film Harmony, slated for release next year.

The film’s production team said that they were “in shock over this tragedy.”